Are Garcinia Diet Supplements Effective?

Like many of us you may have herd about a revolutionary natural ingredient called pure garcinia cambogia. Most recently it has been hailed on the Dr. Oz show by Dr. Oz for its powerful fat burning ability and its ability to increase metabolism. Dr. Oz states that it is unique because it can have this effect on all body types. This is a truly one of the  very best benefits of garcinia cambogia and is of great worth because there are many people that have stubborn metabolism. While green coffee bean extract was our favorite for a long time, garcinia may have taken its place.

These individuals hold fat especially once they have lost some initial fat. Their bodies hold to fat very strongly but the effect of raspberry ketone is that it can benefit all groups of body types. Dr. Oz talks about a company named New Life Botanicals that has released a product called the Superfruit diet. The name of this product is SDF-3 by New Life Botanicals and represents the formula that they have marketed. Dr. Oz gives high marks about this product because it has as one of its active ingredients raspberry ketone about which Dr. Oz gives so much praise. It also uses green coffee bean extract… This formula has as apart of its all natural super fruit formula Acia Berry which adds to the fat burning and has metabolism increasing ability. African Mango is added to suppress appetite and it said by Dr. Oz to be one of the, if not he most powerful natural appetite supplements today. In addition this product from New Life Botanicals has added Green Coffee bean extract which has the added benefit of keeping the body from absorbing fat.

Fat has twice the calorie count as does carbohydrates and proteins so this is a very important benefit. The combination of these products in this SDF-3 formula is really what makes this a very unique and powerful product. Super fruit diets are a hot topic and this super fruit diet product is said by Dr. Oz to be the best of the products in ingredients and quality. Dieters the world over are looking for a product that is trust worthy and is safe and natural.

Dr. Oz states that the all natural benefits found in New Life Botanicals formula called SDF-3 is an all natural product that has maximum benefit. Dr. Oz’s reputation is stellar when it comes to the products he recommends and gives a non biased examination of products and supplement he reviews. Dr. Oz is that guide that can help separate the truth from the fiction in a diet supplement market that is confusing and often miss leading.